Build your shop from scratch

Magento is an internet trade platform with many options, offering flexibility and control of the online channel functionalities to the customers. Magento optimisation for internet search engines, catalogue management...

Magento possibilities

If I listed them all, the internet would be too small.

According to needs

Probably none of internet shops gives so many possibilities to adapt to the customer needs. You do not have to believe me. Just check us.

Many domains in a single shop

You can have many shops on a single installation. On several domains, each with an individual design and content.

Developed menu

Many possibilities of a clear menu structure. Top bar? Maybe on the left or on the right? Category images? Go ahead.


Every shop built by me is adapted to the display size of your device.

Collaboration with Tomasz has been a real pleasure, understanding of our needs and performance at the higher level. Well done!
Tomasz Nakonieczny

How are we doing this?

That is very simple.

We talk and talk and... talk.

We sign an agreement.

Then we encode and encode and... encode.

We receive the payment :)

We transfer the property rights.

You use and use and...


Q and A

If you have any other questions, please write, call or knock the gutter.
Magento has strict requirements in terms of the hosting account. It is impossible that your shop works on a free, ordinary account, e.g. in We have solved the problem. Your hosting in, an associate company.
What do we offer?
Free transfer of the Magento shop from the old server,
possible transfer of the mailing boxes to the new server,
free hosting for new customers (for tests or manufacturing)
simple hosting dashboard for the customer account management,
daily back-ups,
free optimisation of your Magento shop for faster work,
removal of any mistakes in the Magento shop, spotted by the client during migration
professional hosting support, including Magento
and many more. All this just for PLN 120.00 per month.
Our work is not over right after we implement the shop. You can relay on our assistance any time. We can train your staff at your site. We can discuss any option.
The customer pays one time only. We do not have any additional or hidden subscriptions. It happens, that a customer returns after some time and asks for the shop development. Then an additional payment is necessary.
No limits, maybe even hundreds of thousands. It is only the matter of a good server, able to compute such a high number of enquiries. Our last implementation had 6943 categories. Yes, just the categories. There were a little bit more products, actually ;)
As a proverb says, time is money. Although money is not everything. Sometimes it takes one week to implement the shop and sometimes several months or even longer. All depends on the customer needs and expectations. And we know that it is very different. Customer is king.
No problem. Any shop may be translated to many languages. You can pay different values too. PayPal is accepted. No need to say. The shipping costs may depend on the weight and the destination.

Just a little about our work

Restless nights
Code lines written
Coffee cups

Contact us

We work Mon - Fri 09.00 am - 8:00 pm. And sometimes at night, but do not call then, please :)

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Do you have any questions about the internet shop? Send us a message and we will answer asap!